C  Burns  Consulting

C Burns Consulting is a trusted name in the law enforcement community. We believe entrusting your inmate services to any outside company is a decision that should be completely valued and respected within that partnership.  It also needs to be inspired by a common vision to create and provide premium quality services that will set the standards for your correctional operations.

With experience gleaned through 60+ years in food and nutrition business, a highly skilled and competent team has been assembled which will manage your correctional operation’s needs.  Cindy has invested hard work together with long-time suppliers and competent, committed  employees. A passion for providing high quality  service and products is imbued in them.  Currently many suppliers and customers she has worked with over the years remain her loyal clients.

At C Burns Consulting, we stand by our quality and service commitments and go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.    We do that by understanding and meeting all their requirements and expectations and then providing consistent service and competitive pricing.


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